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Fun Wall Stickers provides preconfigured custom wall sticker kits that are produced on a truly reusable, repositionable, removable and eco friendly wall sticker fabric material. We produce all our kits in Australia and control the process from start to finish. We even have all the staff and machinery to produce our wall stickers and we don't leave it up to anyone else to produce a high quality product. We hope you enjoy our wall stickers and check us out on facebook as well. More information about personalised wall stickers can be found at this www.featurewallart.co.uk.


We can say a particular bumper stickerhas a great tag line, something funny which makes us smile; there may be a great design which catches the eye; it can be promoting something emotive, such as a political or religious viewpoint, or it may be something completely unconnected with any of these factors.  Answering a question like this is very similar to giving a precise answer to “how long is a piece of string” – we don’t really know, but what is reasonable is that a good bumper sticker touches us in some way on a human level.


The majority of bumper stickers are of the humorous variety, and what makes people smirk, smile or laugh has never been defined or quantified, certainly with no more success as anyone may have with herding cats!  Typically, what qualifies as a good, funny bumper sticker is that they are short and punchy, usually very personal (as in the words, “I”, “my” or “your” being used a lot) and they have popular appeal. 


It’s a rarity to find a high brow joke on a bumper sticker, but there again is something of the characteristic of a good bumper sticker – you have a highly visible sticker on one of your most valuable possessions, so you’re certainly making a statement and probably you want it to be a popular one.