Map For Mobile Phone
When you visit an international city, the first thing you require to look for is a city street map. You need to carry the paper map with you all the time. You will stand at the junction of the streets, look at the paper map and ask people around how to go here and there.
Having city street map on cellphone is a dream of very traveler. You no need to bring paper map with you. Exactly what you require is a mobile phone and an application that can show city street map on you mobile phone.
Various kind of mobile map application
Some try to link to map server such air conditioner Google map, yahoo map from mobile phone and download map tile from the internet. These entire attempts are called raster map strategy because the map on phone is just raster (group of tile photos). Raster map strategy has one big downside: it likes paper map, you cannot browse for a specific street name or location name. Get more info on https://www.onestopmap.com/
There is another technique call vector map for mobile phone. Right here name a few: you can browse for specific street name or place name, vector data is much smaller sized than raster information, you can even do the directing, find shortest route or fastest path with vector map (which is impossible with raster map)...
Two years 2 (2006), there was no vector street map application for mobile phone because of due to the fact that main 2Primary factors free map totally free, phone is not powerful enough ...
Today (2008), mobile phone is getting more powerful in term of effective faster processor and more heap memory. It is possible to have vector street map on your phone if you can find an application that can use vector map information from OpenStreetMap job.
There is likewise a lot of effort to build vector map for smart phone. Some store vector map in phone, we call off-line vector map. Some recover vector data from internet, we call online vector map. Naturally if you choose on-line method, you have to spend for data plan whenever your phone downloads any data from map server. If you are traveler in a foreign country, it is most likely that you do not have any smart phone data prepare to make use of. So the best approach is to make use of off-line vector map.
Suggestion to discover the best mobile map application for your phone: